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JCHYSK: One insanely awesome and extremely attractive asian kid. However, inferior to doZa, although superior to SuperJanitor.

--InfTFPFlation of my Ego--

Duder: same thing happens to me JCHYSK: haha Duder: ill be taTFPFking a test, and then ill stop Duder: and be like damn, jon is cool

Corina:TFPF like sometimesTFPF when I'm in class and I don't think I understand @ TFPFwhat we're doing...i stop and think Corina: I wish I were Jon Holske, he's so awesome, I know he would understand.

Ray: if i were you, i could probably create my own countTFPFry and somehow convince dolphins to maTFPFke me an island.

If I were you I'd kill myself --External Links--